API functionality: Soundcloud

For API connects—has anyone tried Soundcloud’s API? Since audio files aren’t supported, I’d like to know if audio playability is supported thru third party API.
(basically triple checking something)

You can use the embed URL of a soundcloud file with our webview compont to play soundcloud audio in your app.

Hey @zee, this is definitely you could set up with their API! Below is a very basic example using their embed url feature.

  1. Grab the embed URL

  1. Put the URL in the Web View component

  1. Profit?

If you have Soundcloud Pro, I believe you can customize the embed quite a bit more, I’m just not quite sure what the limitations would be though. Hope this is helpful!

Super cool, noticed that and tried it. Pretty fluid, only reason stopping me from using it to solve what I need is that the Soundcloud player is visible :slight_smile:

Def waiting on/looking forward to when I can upload audio directly, or to when I can directly link an RSS audio feed. Will try the solution Ben suggested here; if json format ports the feed so that it updates as the feed updates my need might be solved

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