RSS feed as temporary fill in for audio file upload capability

Had a response in this discussion about adding audio file upload capability.

Given the lack of timeline, is there a way I haven’t tried yet to link an RSS feed? Have tried web view and as expected this didn’t work.
Any other ideas, or time projections on this capability being added?

We don’t have specific support for RSS yet, but if you are able to output your RSS content into a JSON format, you can use that with our External Collections feature.

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Hey @Ben—thanks for the response! Trying to locate the External Collections feature you mentioned, don’t see it on my end.

What’s its name under the list of Components? Would it be missing if I haven’t upgraded yet?

Hey @zee, the External Collections feature is in your Database Collections panel!

:laughing: gotcha, didn’t catch that from @Ben’s reply… will try it and see if in JSON the feed displays natively, will update.

Dropped JSON converted from RSS into a record (viz. I tried @Ben’s solution) , linked the record to card list; see screenshot for how it displayed… :frowning_face:

Also tried hosting RSS to get HTML, thought an embed would similar to how it works when using Soundcloud; this didn’t work.

Really, really want to use Adalo on this project, you guys are the best option I’ve found for quite a few reasons. Quite excited for audio file capability update, if that can be rushed I’d be super grateful! :heart:

Hi Zee,

With what I was suggesting, you wouldn’t put the JSON into a record itself. Instead you would have it published to a URL, and the use that URL as the base URL for an external collection.


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