API help with Calendarific

I’m a complete newbie at API’s and thought i’d be able to figure it out but have not been able to.

I’d like a page in my app to show a calendar of holidays from a specific country so added in the url, my API key, all the parameters but still getting an error.

Has anyone every tried Calendarific or would anyone be able to show me how to add the get all function

The API documentation is here https://calendarific.com/api-documentation

If it’s not as easy as i’d like to think, don’t worry about it. I’ll go for somethign easier for now.

Thanks in advance

API = your key
Country = US
Year = 2020

I suspect it is the Results key that is tripping you up …

You need Response … then Holidays in the Get All. in Step 2 “Endpoints”.



Amazing @NigelG Thank you for clearing that up. It kinda proves i’m a complete newbie to API’s…

I managed to get the test to work but when i add a calendar then add this collection in, it doesn’t show anything. It does show if i make a list but was hoping the calendar would be an easy solution.

Do you have an idea why the calendar doesn’t show anything? Not to worry if you don’t, i’ll move onto my next problem and come back to this later.

Thanks again

Sorry, not used the Calendar before.

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