API into Adalo?


I am on the verge of making a deal with someones content I’d like to show in our app.
They are offering an API, will I with this be able to show their content on an Adalo-app screen?
If so, how? By pasting it where the URL goes in a web-view screen?


Webview would work but is not the preferred method.

If they have a REST API, you can access the data directly and then display it however you want.


You would create the content as a collection using the API as an “external collection”. You’ll need to map out the parameters to components when you create the screens (I.e., Post Name into a text component).

By doing so, you’ll be able to control the layout of the content within your app.


I will proceed the process and try it out. Hopefully your comments will somewhat guide us through it. Thank you.

I wonder how access it directly? The API will contain live information.

As Flawless mentioned, external collection will be the way to do this.

Do you mind briefly elaborate. I know and understand collections, but external?

In general, an external collection would be connecting to something like Airtable or Xano to store your data, instead of the internal Adalo database. Also in the below video, Patrick Ford uses an external collection to display images from Pixabay:

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I think this will be also helpful :+1:

Thank you

@theadaloguy Would you have a solution to this?
It won’t let me click “Create” because of the error.

@parksidecreator add a header in the first screen

Field 1: Content-Type
Field 2: text/xml

Adalo usually supports JSON format, your API seems to be sending in xml format.

If the above workaround doesn’t work, you might need to use transform data into JSON first, check if your partner can provide JSON response.


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