Can we access API responses in screens ( at label level ) without creating collection or inserting data into collection

Hi, @Ben, @ashley @anon78309838,

Can we access API responses on screens ( at label level ) without creating collections or inserting data into collections.

What we can do it now in Adalo - Create custom actions at page or button click level, on-click, create collections and store API response data in it and then access data on screens ( At list level only ).

[This is good for use cases where apps got login and control the data display for logged in users. but it does not help for public apps where no logins and want to display data at text/label level ]

But, what we can’t do it now in Adalo- create custom actions at page or app level, on page load ( Just on page load) and access the API responses on screen and link the data for any label/text parameters on screen.

screenshot here -

Please help me on this.

@iamharims this is the main use case for external collections.

It would still have to be a list though otherwise it would not know where to get the data from. Otherwise you would be essentially creating an API call for each text element individually, which is merely a repetition of using a list and magic text.

@anon78309838 - In that case, is this the limitation with Adalo where we can’t use APIs which does not return arrays.

Just to given an idea to get this implemented - If Adalo got an option to fetch the API response at app level ( not only array objects, in-fact complete response the way it is fetching in custom action ) and make it available at in the screen. then it allows user to fetch the response once and link to any screen parameters anywhere in the app [ This is where variables at App and screen level feature request is useful. The request is here -

Also, adding dynamic parameters capability to API call ( like we have in custom action ex- magic text ) user can send and fetch the API responses by need basis. In this way it allows users to use any type of API endpoints.

Just to mention, I have seen this in other no-code platforms exactly it works the way I am describing here. If it is available in Adalo it would be a great feature for users.

At the moment there are several issues with Adalo when it comes to handling arrays. We are aware of these issues and working towards a solution for them.

There is also a request for magic text on external collections too:

Unfortunately it just seems Adalo is not in a position to match the exact needs of your use case at the moment. :frowning:

@anon78309838 - I completely understand that. I’m sure Adalo will come up with a solution in the near future. I am happy to wait for it. Thanks

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Hi, so there was a solution to the issue as far as I understand? Display external API in an Adalo screen is now possible…