Api management problem and database time management

hi guys, i’m in trouble about some things. I try to explain what I am doing. I am making an app for selling household products that we manufacture. but in addition to linking classic payments, I also want to link Bitcoin payments. I’m having a hard time finding a Bitcoin price API that Adalo can recognize as a value and not as a text. what I found does not let me “manipulate” the price to convert to USD so that customers can see the right conversion. how to do? another problem is that I would like to apply a 20% discount to some products at my convenience for a certain period of time (for example 48 hours or according to my production needs) how to do? I would be very grateful if you show me and explain my problems in detail. Thank you all. A big kiss

Hello, I am not into API as much so we will wait for other experts to solve this but its kind of confusing as we think its “New tutorials” I mean if you can change it to “External Help” would make it easy for others to help you!

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