Math operations with data imported from API

Hello everyone. Thanks for the help you are giving me. are struggling with data manipulation imported from API. I mean, I’m creating an app with a Bitcoin payment option. I managed to import the price of Bitcoin. However, I would like users who purchase with bitcoin to see the conversion into Dollars. so I would have to take the price of Bitcoin and multiply it by the purchase price of the product they want, so the user can instantly see how much they are spending. how can I do? I have tried some things but it seems that the imported data cannot use it to do mathematical operations. thank you all

Are you using the internal db? If so, you can save the price of BTC in the db, and then do math with the custom formula from there.

i use the internal bd, but not but when i import api i can’t do the calculations on those parameters. can you show me how would you do it? how do you just save the BTC price and use it as a numerical factor?