API Newbie - Setup Help!

I am a newbie when it comes to APIs and having a hard time understanding how it all connects. I’m in need of assistance with connecting to an external API. I’ve watched videos, searched google and Adalo forum, but still not getting it.

I’m getting a successful test, because I somehow managed to put in some correct data.

I don’t even believe this is correct.

However, nothing happens when I test it.

Not sure why my base URL looks so long, but when I shorten it, I don’t get a successful test. Also, I don’t know what to put in the body.

And lastly, I think there needs to be more under Click Actions. My custom action doesn’t show up as a magic text. I’m not sure what else I need here.

If someone could provide more clear directions on someone completely new to APIs, that would be helpful. I can figure most things out with a bit of research and effort, however, I have been stumped on this for months.

Thank you!

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