Custom Action - POST Error


Trying to connect ADALO API with Airtable.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Rafa,

Are you trying to send or receive data with this query?


Hi @crmorris2

I want to Send. based on your setup above, you’re calling Adalo API from Adalo, instead of calling the Airtable API to send the data.

Your API request should have Airtable endpoint and a POST request instead of GET request to send the data.

@bhanu You right, I just Changed the URL and now I have a different error, take a look:

your API body should be this without the –data


@bhanu I´ve tried to copy it to the API body, but get an error “Please enter a valid JSON body”

can you share the JSON body here? and a complete screenshot of your Airtable example request?

You have the body incorrect, please check if it’s matching Airtable documentation

I´ve just copied this part:

remove the single quotes at the start and end.

& also you don’t need “typecast”: true

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Now Is OK… Thank you very very much @bhanu

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