API not working

An API request from Rapid API returns an error. and the API doesn’t have a request key.

Hi @chimejoseph,

Can you share the API information with us? What you are trying to do? I’m guessing the result key would be response but not sure.

Thank you

I just checked and my APIs are also not working. No errors, no warnings. I checked just to see if I was also having this issues.

I’m so beyond tired of this. Nothing works. This is ridiculous.

Hi @Adalotaco,

What are the APIs that’s not working for you? Can you provide some more information?

Thank you

A custom action that triggers after a person signs up. Goes directly to my email provider. All tests were working in preview, now that the app is live - it’s no longer sending those api notifications out.

While I appreciate your can-do spirit of wanting to help people trouble shoot things… this is simply not being triggered at all by Adalo from within the app when people are triggering them. There are other triggers that are only firing off 25% of the time (automatically set variables during registration) and the list just keeps getting longer.

I can tell that it’s set up correctly because of the way the data is being handled. Custom functions are not running, so I’m getting +1 variables setting as ‘1’ and so forth. Showing that this is an issue with Adalo’s databases.

This is what happens when you tell people to hack together databases like this.

I was told to create a shadow user database so I could see their variables… it’s ridiculous to a level of being unbelievable.

Thanks @dilon_perera
API URL: API-FOOTBALL API Documentation (api-sports) | RapidAPI

API Documentation: API-Football - Documentation

Is there any other information you need

Hi @Adalotaco,

Keith posted this on our Community Leader Slack Channel and Daniel from Adalo said that you’ll need to submit a new build! There was a issue previously and for lot of makers it was fixed by submitting a new build!

Thank you

I needed to subscribe for that API to test that! I guess for the result key what you would need is response

Do your people not understand the process involved of getting an app approved on these app stores? These are not quick fixes.


“we changed something and then didn’t patch for currently live apps” is the most ridiculous response to this sort of thing. Hoenstly.

Hey @Adalotaco,

I’m not here to argue with you :raised_hands:

This post by Daniel will give you the answer for your question! : Buttons with Links and Custom Actions not working - #11 by danielcosta

Thank you!

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My app was updated yesterday so I don’t think that’s my issue

Best would Submitting a support ticket so that Adalo can look at your app!

And maybe Keith ( @iAppsNi ) can add some more information of what he did?

Thanks. I guess there won’t be a fix then.

I will not submit support tickets.

They still haven’t fixed my user database not connecting.

Support tickets are a waste of time.

Thanks anyway.

I apologize for my ‘your people’ comment, that was not directed properly and I should have phrased it differently. Thank you for trying to help.

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Hi @Adalotaco, I’m sorry if my answer was not what you expected, but thank you for getting in touch again. Unfortunately that’s under our control to change the code inside your app without being approved by the store. For that you’d need to run a new build. It’s just how the store works. Whenever we make changes to our backend services, that reflects directly to your apps, but not in the frontend logic. Hope you can understand the situation and submit a new build so you can get that fixed soon. If your problem persists, please submit a ticket and we can get someone to look at the problem.

Hope you have a great day.


Hi @chimejoseph ,
The request key in theory is “response”, but I think your issue relies in the format of the API and not Adalo issue. As you can see the “response” it is nested in a array of values in which data was flattened and not a JSON array as ADALO requires:


I am in my phone now, but will test and confirm later.


professional programming for live apps means that if you, the developer or service provider, make changes that will affect a live app, that you put measures in place so that live apps do not suddenly and without warning STOP WORKING because you decided to make updates.

You then send out an update to let people know that changes are being made and recommend that they make changes, giving them a timeline until the patch that makes their app work until they have time to update will be removed.

That’s how a professional operation runs. Don’t know what you’re out here doing, just changing code and breaking live apps without warning. But that’s how professionals roll out updates.