Can't connect to API

Hi all,

I’m trying to connect an API but I can’t get the response with data. I’m facing the below error.

"An error occurred when calling Get All

Could not find any results. Are you sure the Results Key is correct? You can update that by going back and clicking into “Get All”"

I’ve been speaking with the API provider who confirmed the call is correct as it returns various data, just without values.

I’ve been searching the forum and seen a few topics from over a year ago that mention it could be because of the curly brackets { }

I have tried entering localita into the results key under ‘Get All’ but it’s the same outcome. Screenshot below - can anyone help please?

I don’t see a single comma or closing bracket in that response, but many values. I think this API will likely not be compatible in its current form with Adalo external collections.

I’ve got a confession to make… In my lack of understanding APIs and how they work with Adalo I was attempting to set up the API as an external collection.

Now that I’ve set it up as a custom action it’s working and pulling in the data :slight_smile:

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No worries at all! I think that’s the best outcome! It’s working, and you probably gained some understanding in the differences between the uses of APIs in Adalo.


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