Api Resonse and saving Records in Collections

Hi Experts,
I have tried to create a collection by Custom action - External api. The Response from the api has 25 records actually, but it is saving only first record of the api.
25 records

Can anyone please help on saving all the records that api throws.

Thank You…

You cannot save multiple records from custom action api call to collections at the moment unfortunately. You can do it 2 ways:

  1. Use integromat to call the api and loop through the results to update the collections
  2. Create external collections first and use the data from there
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Thanks a lot. This is Helpful. I Wasted sometime on it till now :grinning: .

Can you guide me the steps of doing by option 2.

I have created external Collection. Test successful.
I have created a custom action to fetch response.
Still fetching one record only. Please give some light on this…

Why do you need a custom action after creating an external collection?

Create a list using the external collection, this will show you all the items fetched from that api using external collections.

You don’t need to add this data to your internal collections again.