External database list give me just one record

Hi all,

I’ve seen this problem several times on this forum, but none of those solutions seen to be working.

I’m trying to get make a external data list, but it doesn’t work right. When I try to add some items to the list it only gives me one record.

I’ve send my IPA to Spreadsheets just to see if there is more information and it shows that it has to be.

Here the URL:

The whole API is already send to this one: API only one record

Ive spend alot of hours to fix this, hope slmeone is able to help…

Hi @niels,

I decided to comment here as well as this might be beneficial for the community.

In short: I guess the reason for this problem is that API structures its response in a way that Adalo can’t understand it.

As I see, what you need is the values from “responses” (each response represents an entry in the collection). However, API returns “responses” as an array without unique IDs.

See the example from airtable:

As you can see each array element has an ID entry in it.

Response of Football API looks differently. You need “response” as a primary key, and array is there:

Inside this array you have “fixture”, “league”, “teams”, “goals”, “score”

However, there is no any unique ID in each “response”. According to my knowledge Adalo can’t handle such responses in external collections. There were several posts on forum about that - can’t find them right now.

As for the workarounds I can suggest:

  • if this is collection will be used like “static” (no data changes), you can try to download it from the source to some place like airtable, and then connect it to Adalo
  • there might be a possibility to use some 3rd party service like Integromat to form responses recognizeable by Adalo. Though this could be costly.

May be someone else can suggest more ideas.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.


This was an incredibly helpful explanation @Victor I just posted about the same issue, but it seems like I need to find another solution. Thank you.

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