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I have trigger notifications working. So next the question is this…can you trigger a push notification to multiple users with a single API call? Or do I have to issue them 1 user at a time?

@Victor , do you happen to know?

Hey Greg @PostThis,

Not to my knowledge; one Push Notifications API call can be sent only to one user. I tried to list several users - it didn’t work; I believe this is a limit in the functionality.

Usually I use Integromat/Make for multi-user Push sending. And of course you can send Push to a group of users (or even all users) from the app itself.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks @Victor. I will consider Integromat. I wonder…wouldn’t they just be issuing individual notifications as well?

In this case no, you can get a list of users using Integromat, and then filter the users you want to send the notification and make for example a POST REQUEST with a loop to send each user a notification.

In the end in Integromat, you can decide to send just one or more at same time to multiple users.

I know @Abracadalo were working on this - are you guys still progressing?

How would you trigger the multiple push notifications? Just using a custom action or is this scheduled, or you are adding also a condition?

I’m writing python scripts that will look to see if a threshold has been crossed and then trigger the alert.

Isn’t it easier then, to just create a WHILE loop in python to send the push notifications to your users when the script detects that threshold and then you keep all process and code inside Python?

I can work something for that guys

That has been the plan. Unless Adalo tells me that I can specify multiple users in single API call. Trying to minimize the # of calls. That is all.

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