Send push notifications to all users

Hi everyone,

Sending push notifications to all users can be quite a hassle, combining custom lists and count down timers is extremely annoying, laggy, and unreliable.
I hear you, and I have created a tool that will enable you to send bulk push notifications to your users, not just that, but also filter which users are to receive the notification using filters that are created to fit your data structure.

First step:

Enter your app data, i.e. AppID, App API Key, Users List ID from the Collection API documentation, (reach out if you need help with that)
second, click “Retrieve All Users”, you’re currently limited to 100 users, please reach out if you need more.

Then filter your users by create and/or update date, as well as a comprehensive list of filters that’s created based on your data structure in the sidebar, please keep in mind that the number of selected users will remain 0 until you edit your filters, so please reach out if you need to more flexibility.

The last step is for you to enter the title and body of your push notification and click “Send Notification”.

And that was it, enjoy.


Impressive. How’d you do it? :grin:

No Demo?

Thanks mate, a combo of python, html, php, and voila.

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I’m sorry, but none as of now, did you have any issues using it tho?