APIs & external collections 101

One of my biggest struggles is understanding how to correctly create external collections using APIs.

I think it’s my lack of knowledge of how APIs work and how to read the reference guides. I can browse an API reference guide, but I’m still so confused of what to put in each field in the Adalo External Collection setup to get the result I want.

Anyone know of any resources out there that can get me from zero to hero with external collections and APIs in general? (This is the one time YouTube has not come up with any helpful results when I tried searching, e.g. “APIs overview”)

I’d greatly appreciate your help on recommended resources! :pray:

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Hi @ecostu,

External collections and APIs in general is very broad topic - I’m not sure there is a comprehensive guide somewhere :slight_smile:

To start with, I would recommend to implement Airtable external collection based on this article set: Airtable - Adalo Resources. Then you will understand the principles better.

Best regards, Victor.