External Collection API broken?

Can’t add external API as collection, even the same API which I added before also failure now.

I believe this issue is with the API you are using. Can you contact them regarding their API status or changes?

nope, I try a few API end point which I build myself. All having same problem.
One of API end point is currently in use and working with Adalo App.
but I try to add it again also having this issue.

ok, i think Adalo end fixed the issue, now API can add without issued. case closed.

I cannot add external collection and my external collection are not loading correctly.

I am having same issue, all my list connecting to external collection not loading… just noticing it on resuming today on my app project.

same issue. built an app that I’ve been using for weeks with one change and it no longer works. can’t edit the api either. the api is working fine.

it was working for like less than 1hrs last night, then it breaks again

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