Apk Android update makes some functionallity fail

Last week I make a small change in my app (https://previewer.adalo.com/046eaf2c-ed57-4450-9133-0a675208194b) I tested in the web preview/share screens and it was working fine. I create a new Android build to upload the apk to the market. The first time the build finished with some errors, the next 2 builds didn’t finish (when the time for the build finished, the process continued with negative time). Finally, the 4th build finished ok. I uploaded the apk and when I update the app, the date field is not working, I can select the date but not the hour. And when you select the date, nothing happens, the date is fixed in the actual date. I have deleted the cache and the app and installed it again, but the problem remains.

Hi Antonio,

I tried to test this from your app but I couldn’t work out where to add the date and time. Which button do I need to click to get there?

Hi @Colin,

please follow the screens to test the date field.

I don’t see those top ones :slight_smile:

Activated one device. Try now

The issue with the builds happens on occasion and they will either build or just eventually stop. I’m glad you were able to get a successful build. Generally they take an average of 14 minutes once they begin to build.

As for the date and time this fix was pushed today and when running another build you will see it fixed. We appreciate your patience.

Hi @ashley,

Thanks for the fast response. I have created a new build and after updating the new apk in the Android Market, the app works fine.


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