Can't enter date and time from the app on my phone

so basically, I have managed to do the app, make an APK, then opened it from my android phone oppo reno 2.
I have a create event form inside the app the is listed to a collection.
in the event form, there are two date and time fields
start event and end of the event

when I open the phone and add these two fields and the add date window opens up then I click on the date and click ok it never puts that info inside the field I don’t know what is wrong.

What device and version of android are you running? On my Pixel 3a on Android 11 this is working fine.

yeah the issue is happening in all platform devices that I have tested , on Iphone , oppo reno 2 and tablets and huwawi

but now the issue is the date is always - 1 day , if I choose date 22 after I save it become 21 !

Hi naifsahabi
Confirming that I see similar issue with Date Picker component on Web App.
ie. User choose June 12, the date is saved as June 11. Always just 1 day off.

We are aware of the date bug. It is a timezone issue and our team is working on a fix as we speak.

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