App connections without sharing database

I am working on online school app, a school will have 3 platforms 1. student, 2. teacher 3. admin.
Now let’s say I’m working on a series of schools and I want to connect all the schools so the students can see who has the highest points and also there can be a quiz page where students can compete with another school student (not necessarily revealing school name) and earn points. Is it possible to connect apps (for students) but without sharing the school database.

Hi @petez ,

Yes, you can achieve this the only thing which you need to keep in mind is don’t use the school name property where you don’t want to show it to your users.

Hi @ishantanusrivastava thankyou so much for replying… Can you elaborate alil more on it?

School Name property (In Collection) & if you don’t want to show it then don’t link it with text (magic text)