Connect multiple apps

Are there any tutorials on connecting multiple apps? It’s on the Adalo homescreen, but no tutorials on how to actually do this.

When you create a new app and get to Section 3: Branding, click on “Advanced Options” at the bottom:

You then get the choice to ‘share database with an existing app’ - in this way, you can build multiple apps (eg, Uber Driver and Uber Rider and a web-based back end) all using the same database…

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As an alternative, you can also go into an existing App and choose Settings > Copy App and then choose to share the same database:

This can be helpful if you’d like to reuse some of the existing screens!


Thanks for sending these screenshots. I appreciate it!

Is the DB updated in both apps automatically?

Hi Mario. We figured out how to get what we needed without connecting two apps, so I’m not sure how the updates work since we went another route.

Mario. if you use the method mentioned above, both apps use the same DB, so something added/changed/deleted in either one is visible in both as they are accessing the same DB.