Connect multiple apps

Are there any tutorials on connecting multiple apps? It’s on the Adalo homescreen, but no tutorials on how to actually do this.

When you create a new app and get to Section 3: Branding, click on “Advanced Options” at the bottom:

You then get the choice to ‘share database with an existing app’ - in this way, you can build multiple apps (eg, Uber Driver and Uber Rider and a web-based back end) all using the same database…

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As an alternative, you can also go into an existing App and choose Settings > Copy App and then choose to share the same database:

This can be helpful if you’d like to reuse some of the existing screens!


Thanks for sending these screenshots. I appreciate it!

Is the DB updated in both apps automatically?

Hi Mario. We figured out how to get what we needed without connecting two apps, so I’m not sure how the updates work since we went another route.

Mario. if you use the method mentioned above, both apps use the same DB, so something added/changed/deleted in either one is visible in both as they are accessing the same DB.

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It worked. Thanks a lot.

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Curious about using the same database, but with two different user types.

I am thinking of using two different user databases, as app A is for user A, and App B is for User B, but they will use shared databases.

Maybe there is a smarter way to do this.

Ballpark here. Maybe you can add a flag for app origin as a user field. That way you can use the same DB for both apps.

My current theory, is to add a true/false to that 2nd type of user.
User type B can also be user type A, but not the other way around. That way Users are Type A or A+B.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Actually I have a marketplace app that works as the buyer and the seller’s interface. The buyer doesn’t login yet, only sends messages to the seller’s interface. I’ve done that to avoid creating 2 apps. Maybe that could help you as well. Makes sense for your app?

It could work. But I think the navigation would need to render based on the user profile. I’m hading in another route. I’ll post my findings.

Hi there,

For connecting apps, can I create an initial native app, and then share this DB with a new desktop webapp?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @TheJon, yes, you can indeed. When you go to connect the second app, the first stage (“Platform”) will ask if you want to create a mobile or PWA, and then on the Advanced Options you can choose to use the database from the first app.

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Thanks so much for that!! :slight_smile:

When we copy the database it doesn’t copy the existing users or sync new ones in preview mode. Anyone else had this issue?

This is normal. Selecting to copy will set up the collections with all of the properties for you, but it does not copy the records.

If you’d like the same data to be present in a copy of an app, you are able to export the data in CSVs and upload it to the new app.

Colin, thanks for the response. So by this, do I take it, it’s not a shared database but a clone of the database when a new app is created using the share database with an existing app... option?

Which prevents two way syncing of data when apps are live? i.e. if a user signs up on the native app, they won’t automatically have an account on the web app?

Copying the database and syncing the databases are 2 separate options and work different.

Copying a database will function as I previously said. It will copy the structure of the db but not import the records.

Syncing a database will both copy the database and all records too.