App Creators: How many users does your app have?

As the title states how many users does your app have?

I am currently trying to see how many users my app can handle. I currently have about 22 users with about 10 or so daily averaging. My app is a social network.

Does anyone have more? I want to invite more beta testers (with some on standby so im looking at 100) but im scared this will do something and break the app. I saw another forum member mention stress testing and this would be in a way doing that but with actual testers. Any replies would be awesome to hear!

Hi @jencass97 :wave:,

I’m confident that 100 users won’t break your app :blush:, we’re all on the same cluster, and capacity is allocated by AWS’s scaling technology. (best of the best)

Adalo’s CTO already addressed this issue moving forward.
So in a nutshell, you’re all good for your beta launch! :rocket:

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456 users with about ~90 MAUScreen Shot 2020-11-06 at 12.25.45 PM


@Devops Devop

thank you for this reply. i have been easing into my launch with this worry. I also read the blog update that David had put out the other week and I wasn’t aware that Adalo has already switched over to AWS.

Thank you for this reassurance.

@jgallegos WOW This is really awesome to see! Thank you so much for this reply! I am feeling really confident.

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This is currently in the works to move 100% to a AWS cluster and hopefully a global CDN but they were already using most of their services to begin with. So no worries, your app should scale as long as you don’t go super viral (100k+) and that would be a good problem to have :hugs:.

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