Excited for app launch! (+10k users on waitlist) (~200k followers on TikTok)

Hi there,

For the last couple of months, I’ve been creating content on TikTok to promote my upcoming app. To this day, over 10k potential users have signed up on a waitlist and about 200k people have followed me on social media.

For the launch, I plan to release the iOS version first, therefore not all of my followers will be able to use the app but I’m confident I can at least get to 20k-50k users in the first weeks. But lately, I’ve been reading some concerning opinions in different threads of this forum. So far my personal experience with Adalo has been very smooth, but I would like to ask if anyone has built something with thousands of users, and what has their experience been so far?

(Something to keep in mind is that my app is very simple and with a very limited number of possible interactions within the app, also, as a revenue source, I’ll be using Admob ads)

Today I submitted my latest build to the AppStore, hopefully, it’ll soon pass the first check. I’ll keep you updated, wish me luck!


cool message me if you need any help

Congrats! I too am curious about this, I’m launching my Adalo created app soon too and hope there isn’t a performance threshold for Adalo created apps. Would love to hear any insight or tips on what you specifically did with your content strategy to generate that much interest on TikTok! @alberto.vargas

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My user database fails to connect to all third party services after importing 5k users.
No solution offered by Support.

That was weeks ago, I think. I am only responding here on the forum because I have to check my user database for errors every couple of hours.

This was the nicest way I could write this due to forum gestapo.


Sorry to hear that, do you have your users on an external database? @Adalotaco

All my databases, including my users, are internal Adalo databases

From my experience and from what I’ve seen from other businesses that have big tiktok communities, it all comes down to two things: your content is either extremely entertaining (funny, interesting or even weird) or very useful (educational or with good advice).

And then of course everything else from what sounds you choose to the length of the videos themselves can help boost your channel.

It’s vital to understand that tiktok is not the same as Instagram. You have to make a significant time commitment into making a lot of content and posting as regularly as possible. When it comes to this particular platform, quantity is sometimes more important than quality. Unless your content is something very original and creative.

Those are the very basic concepts, happy to answer any other questions! @CM11

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Update: my app just got accepted by the Apple App Store!


How exciting. I am thrilled for you.

Are you going to showcase it to us? Can we sign up?

Hi @alberto.vargas I have an app with around 300k downloads and around 11k MAU, made 100% on Adalo. It works well for me (it’s also a simple app).

Let me know if there’s some way I can help you :slight_smile:


What is your APP Name?

What is the app name? I would love to try it out and give you feedback on how to improve it (if there are any performance issues).

Hi Axel, that sounds like great progress - good job on hitting those numbers! I am really curious to use an app with such MAU. Is it possible to share the name of the app?

Hi, I don’t think you’ll be able to see it in the App Store because it only works in my country.

Wow, @axme that sounds amazing, congratulations on achieving such numbers. Hopefully, once I launch the Android version I’ll be able to hit some big numbers too given my TikTok community actually got angry at me for releasing on iPhone first :joy:

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