App goes blank in Android

Just launched my app in Google Store (Internal testing), when logging in, I can see the screen and then goes blank immediately, anyone experienced this? Thank you.

Happens when a react-native page crashes. What components do you have on the home screen?

4 components only:

  1. Input text field
  2. Custom List
  3. Horizontal chip list
  4. Action Button


Wonderful news, it was not caused by a component I built!

Can you send me a link to your previewer? DM is good. I can have a look and figure it out this weekend.

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Thank you very much. I have sent you a DM.

Been testing the last couple of hours and it seems it is the switch components in the Lists. Every other screen works fine, the screens that have lists with Switch they all blank out.
The circular progress bar is also not working but in this case the screen works, it is just throwing a “Missing component” Red Error.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am having a look at the site and it seems to be working normal for me. Did you remove the Switch that was causing the issue and it sorted it out?

No worries, I tested myself, thanks anyway for taking time and helping, I appreciate it. This is driven by the switch. When switch is on it is ok, can it is switched off it crashes the app into blank screen.

On top I found another bug related to the Toogle button (I then switched to toogle button). When you have a list with a toogle button ON, if you have same list in another screen with also a toogle button, the buttons will not be Toogled ON although the field condition is true.

So two bugs to Adalo to fix. I will ty to make a couple of videos and open a support ticket.

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