Blank page when clicking a list

Hello, a problem has been happening to me for a while, I click on two icons on two different pages and the screen goes blank, as if everything on the page is lost

This is happening to me too, I read somewhere it could be because there is data missing somewhere but i don’t know how to retrieve that data

great, I already sent a ticket to see what they tell me, I hope it is solved

Do want to try help each other? Because Adalo won’t apply till the night, that usually my experience. ( im based in Australia )

Like, what is meant to be shown on the screen that is going blank? Is it the same screen every time?

This is mine:

Its got all the correct data running to it in the “available data”

The page has the following functions and actions:

  • A horizontal list to display users (with a link)
  • A sometime visable header
  • The current organisation name and some icons that link to two other pages. (chats and profile settings)
  • Another list which uses calendar varibales (with actions to set these variables happening when the user visits the screen)
  • The bottom lot is links to other pages.

I can not figure it out, but maybe our two pages have a similarity

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The two inputs are to collect the current Day and date ( they are used to determine if some actions can take place)

Hi there,

Blank (white) screen usually means that the app has crashed for some reason. Reasons could be various - missing data, component, bug, etc.

There might be some useful info in browser’s Developer Console (for Chrome it is View → Developer → JavaScript console). Errors may show what caused this crash.

Another way to diagnose the error is to disable (hide) all components on the screen (done on the left pane). And then start enabling them one by one, each time reopening the “problematic” screen in a preview. With that you can see if any particular component is causing the problem.


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Hi Victor, thanks for the answer, it was working fine and suddenly that happened, right now I’m starting to rebuild the pages with errors, I hope I can solve it!

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