App on AppStore/GooglePlay when not paying Adalo plan?


I am new to Adalo. Have qestion about publishing an app. In example: I pay Pro Plan and developing my app. Then I publish it to AppStore and GooglePlay. Next step I stop paying Pro Plan on Adalo. Does my app is still available on AppStore and GooglePlay?



First of all, Welcome to the Community! You have to be on a Pro or Business Plan to publish to the App Store and the Google Play Store. If you cancel the plan later your app on the Apple/Google App store will stop. Here is a screenshot of the Plans.

Hi @James_App_Maker

thank you for the information.

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I don’t believe this is correct. Your app will still be on the App Store but you won’t be able to update and publish your app until you subscribe again.

hmm… so finally what happened after my subscription expires?

Your apps stay live and you downgrade to the free version.

Thank you @mightyels.

Is there anyone from Adalo who can confirm mightyels or James_App_Maker version?

What @mightyels said is correct.

You can stop your pro plan at any time and your app will continue to be available in the app stores. However, you will just no longer be able to create new builds to update that app until you are back on the paid plan.


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