Once Published is Adalo Account Needed?

Once an app is finished and published on Google Play and the Apple App Store, will they remain functional if you let the Adalo Account lapse?

This is assuming:

  • There will be no more changes to the app;
  • There is no external data source;
  • No additional apps are in the works;
  • Not a web app.
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This post seems to answer the question: https://forum.adalo.com/t/pricing-of-database-after-launching/15881 but still I’m not 100% sure.

I’m not a developer. I have a couple very tiny, educational apps that I’d like to make and release. They are somewhat similar to a daily quote app but don’t involve any calls outside of the app or its internal database: you tap a button and a phrase appears. That’s it. I intend to release the apps for free; some teachers will find them useful. Obviously I don’t want to keep paying $50 a month to keep these apps functioning and I’m not interested in monetizing anything. Specifically, if an app has 1000 ‘quotes’ in its onboard database, will it continue to function once published on Google Play/Apple Store if my paid Adalo account is allowed to revert back to a free account? [I already have web apps].

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Welcome to the Community!

This should help you:

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Thanx, James, for confirming that. I’ve been looking for something like Adalo for a long time. Glad I waited…

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