Domains, Adalo REALLY?

May anyone tell me why it takes forever for domain to load into?

It’s been 2.5 hours.

Anyone tell me why?

its not adalo its your host

mine loaded within minutes. I have godaddy hosting.

Hi @B0untiful_26,

To set up Custom domain, first you need to add a CNAME record for the domain name at your DNS (domain name server). Usually you need to do that in your domain registrar/hoster’s account page. As it is said, you need to add CNAME record pointing at “”.
And after that you set up the custom domain on Adalo side.

One note though - you’re trying to set up the CNAME for “” custom domain. “” record is considered as a “root domain”, and most of the registrars/hosters do not allow creating CNAME records for root domains. The only exception I know is CloudFlare.

So I would advice to use other name, like or, which will point to your Adalo app.


Thanks for your reply, in regards I already followed steps

I bought domain from godaddy.

Done DNS…

And thats what it shows me, I am using webapp too not making andriod apps.

Thanks in advance,


[Note still not working…]

Hi @B0untiful_26,

Unfortunately, you’ve set up the domain in GoDaddy incorrectly.

The value in “Host” on the left in your GoDaddy screenshot means, that you’ve set up the record for
And it points to

$ nslookup -q=CNAME

Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =

But there is no CNAME record for the itself:

$ nslookup -q=CNAME

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can’t find No answer

Also, as I’ve said in my previous post: most registrars/hosters do not allow to have a CNAME record for root domain. So most probably you will not be able to create a CNAME record for itself in GoDaddy console.

I would advice to use some other name for your web app, something like or or



So I pay for a new domain?

Hi @B0untiful_26 ,

I’m sorry, but I can’t understand why did you make such conclusion.

You do not have to pay for new domain.
You need to set up the correct records for your existing domain

Please read my messages above.
As I’ve said: I would advice to use some other name for your web app, something like or or You can easily create a CNAME record for in your existing domain. You just need to create a new CNAME record, and put app for example, and point it to
Then you will have your custom domain ready.

Best regards, Victor.

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I have done that it works, I need paid plan to add my custom domain?


You need to be on a paid plan to add your own custom domain.

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If my PRO paid method finished, will domain be gone from website, and app un-released o app store?


Please read this:

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