App on Google Play store issues... Please Help!

Hi Guys,

I recently published my app on the GooglePlay store. I came across the following issues. I have done some research but cannot find any constructive solutions:

  1. The App is published on the Google play store but no where to be found. When searched, nothing comes up. It can only be downloaded via the link received on the Google Developer platform. hmmmm

  2. When the app starts, there is a white screen for a while (I assume a loading screen) then the app starts at the welcome screen. So, how do we get a splash (in Adalo if possible) to display in the place of the white?

  3. There is a display issue between the Adalo Previewer and the actual app. all seems fine on the previewer side but when the actual App is installed and viewed, there is quite allot of issues. (Note: I know some display tactics - adding invisible lines and squires to line up objects - hence they display correct on the previewer. But the App itself worries me a bit.)

Thanks guys! I truly love Adalo and it just keeps on surprising me with its mind blowing capabilities.

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