App slower on androids than iphones?

Hello everybody

I’m running into issues with the speed of my apps (in production on iOS and Android).
They seem much slower on androids than on iPhones: anybody noticing the same? Any reason you know of?


Hi I have the same problem and I’m extremely frustrated :frowning:
On iphone everything works fine, android constantly crashes and works very slow.

I notice this as well.
2016 iphone 6s easily beats a new mid-tier 2021 android phone (Motorola Moto G9 Play) in (perceived) speed.

Nothing really that can be done about it as far I know - except optimising the app for speed in general.

I tested android app today and it is just not usable. Too slow. It seem that there is some problems with loading longer lists. It not just loads too slow but all clicks and reactions to clicks are slow as hell. On the iphone 10s everything works well and quick.

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