About app speed in Andriod

I have to admit that for the first time I am pleasantly surprised by the speed of an app on Android. One of my screens is really “heavy”, I had big problems with its functionality, but now it works just fine:) So with Adalo you can do something more serious.

Unfortunately, from what I am going through now (in Europe), it’s still rather laggy especially after clicking a few screens.

Friends in Europe, if your app is running smoothly, I appreciate it if you can share your experience with me/us.


I’m from the EU too. The speed of the app depends a lot on how certain things are presented and how they are organised. Well I managed to achieve the desired result. It took many months, because I basically do everything myself, because I find it interesting. And I did it inside Adalo. So I don’t use expensive services. Basically, I keep some things on Amazon S3, but that does not affect the speed. At least for me.

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Hi Simon,
I also spent weeks simplifying and optimizing a lot of logic and layout (For example, I sacrificed some features on horizontal lists, reduced many visibility, reduced custom lists, etc.). But it still happens on my Android phone(non-flagship just regular) made 4/5 years ago. I only published the Android native app to Google Play so far.

The same happens on my iPhone 12 in the PWA version: the first several clicks seem ok, but then when I return to the previous screen and try to scroll, it will click the first place my finger touches, even though I just intend to scroll the screen.

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Do you mind sharing a link to your app so I can have a look? I would love to see if I can give any tips to improve the speed on Android

Sorry my friend, for late answer. Yes - u can do here good stuff. How? Well, if your app not working smth is done in wrong way. And u must understand limits - chat inside Adalo can’t be build. I have one mind, which I will test, but I don’t think that it will work and will say to you:) Create 2 same screens and create record with screens, but don’t do it with button. Button - just for link. I dom’t think it will not work, but why not to test it? I tried great Java codes in chat - zero. Adalo is using how it calls? That, we from EU first done. They using protons system I guess.

I really regret my late speech. I understand you perfectly. I mean the frustration. But we need to look deeper. I am not from Adalo. Actually I am almost in frutelflow:) But we can try to improve your situation. Why not? Tell me personally, show me how Android works and what you really want to do. We can only improve together my friend.