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Hey, there are already many forums on increasing app speed which I will implement where appropriate but I am wondering is the app speed once its a fully published app going to be different than the app speed during the preview of the app?

Secondly is there a way to make it so that when a user downloads the fully published app they download all the databases onto their phone as well so that the app works offline and is quicker?

And lastly is there a way to buy more servers from Adalo or any back end things I can do to make the app very fast. It is largely okay (especially during the phase I’m at where I am testing the concept) but if I can make the Adalo app as fast as normal apps that would help me in avoiding having it fully coded from scratch in the future and saving a lot of money on coders.

Most of my app is okay but only a couple functions take 1-5 seconds which I’d like to avoid as much as possible.

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iOS is usually faster, Android can be similar or slightly slower.

Not possible at the moment.

Not normally, would be interesting if they could introduce this in the future.

You can sometimes speed things up by using an external backend such as Xano to complete function stacks serverside, rather than rely on logic in the front end. It really depends on your use case.


ok thanks for the detail :mechanical_arm: :merman: :troll:

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