Slow app please help

The app I created is so painfully slow that I don’t want to post it to go live because I know I’m going to have complaints. Has adalo fixed this? I need my app to be as fast as any other app out there.


Hey there. You need to share a little more about your app before someone can help. How do you have your database setup? How many actions are you running? How many visibility settings do you have in place? How many screens do you have? Are there lists inside of lists? All of these things affect performance.

On our end, this is a major focus for 2022, specifically the end users experience, and even more specifically how fast lists load.


It’s alot to explain, could you look at my app and tell me what I could minimize and do away with to make it faster?

Hi Gabe,

Adding to @jessehaywood, this thread might help you:

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These bullet points didn’t really help.

Do you mind sharing your app with me so I can test it on my end? Also, where are you located?

Generally, app developers that are near the US are closer to the US servers for Adalo, making the app faster. :slight_smile:

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I live in the US, I would need your email to give you access.

Because you choose to not explain, you do not allow the users of the forum to see the problems that you’re experiencing. You are denying us Adalo community members & experts the opportunity to help you or learn from your specific situation.

That’s not the point of this forum.

Please explain. Use speech to text if it’s faster to type that way for you. Or make a video as videos are even better because you can “show and tell”.

Without you explaining your problems, we can’t provide a solution. We are Adalo users, just like you. I don’t have access to your app, nor do I want access to your app.

However, I’d still like to help you.


Ok, since you want an explanation I’ll simplify it for you, when you log in, it takes 30 seconds to load, when when you select to comment it takes 30 seconds to load, when you select to send a DM it takes 30 seconds to load, when you want to post a video, GIF, or picture it takes 30 seconds to load, when you want to change something on your own profile it takes 30 seconds to load, anything you select it takes a long time to load. Instead of being instant like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site. I hope this sums it up for you. :man_shrugging:t6:

Unfortunately, it does not sum it up. You still provided no actual information. @Gabe1987

Explain in detail the actions, the lists, and the visibility settings. Add screenshots. Explain processes.

By simply saying “This takes 30 seconds to load” it provides us with no information to tell you what’s going on.

Allow me to put this into perspective for you with an analogy.

Let’s pretend that you’re sick so you go to the doctor. The doctor asks you, “Ok, can you tell me what’s wrong?”
You say, “I’m sick.”
Doctor says, “What are you feeling”
You say “I feel awful, can’t you run some tests?”
Doctor says, “I’d love to run some tests but I don’t know which tests to have you take. Can you explain your illness in a little more detail?”
You say, “Fine, I’ll simplify it for you. I’m not able to eat anything. I can’t watch TV. I can’t play sports. Hope that sums it up for you”

If instead, you say “Hey doc, I’m sick. I feel pain here, here, and here. This is what the pain feels like. The pain occurs at X o’clock and it lasts for X minutes. This pain started X days ago.” The doctor will have a much better idea of what’s going on with your illness.

Like a doctor diagnosing a health-related issue, we need to know where it hurts and we need detail. By simply saying that you’re sick, the doctor has a billion prescriptions that they can prescribe you and you may get the wrong one because YOU didn’t explain well enough.

So when you say “My app is slow, everything takes 30 seconds”, it’s the same situation. We can’t diagnose your slow app problem. Keep in mind that people like me and @James_App_Maker do NOT work for Adalo. We’re here in this forum to help you and we’re doing this for FREE. We do not get paid to assist people here.


Yeah your analogy doesn’t compare to my example at hand but nice try though. My app is easily explained if someone was to look at it instead of trying to explain what it does. I’ve had help before when someone looked at it to solve a problem. For example, if you were to tell a mechanic your car jerks when you’re driving, he will tell you to bring it to the shop so he could look at it, that’s what a real mechanic does. What he won’t tell you is to do is explain in detail what part of the car jerks.


We’re TRYING to look at your app! But we want to help other community members at the same time. That means that we want you to show us what’s going on. Hence why I recommended a video. I highly recommend Loom as it’s quick and easy to configure and use.

To say from the same regard, a mechanic will look at your car, diagnose what’s wrong, and provide you with a quote to fix your issues.

I can always go that route if you’d like and provide you with a quote to fix the problems. I’d be more than happy to diagnose the problem and send an invoice.


Ok great that’s awesome, when will you have time to look at it to tell me what’s wrong and give me a price on fixing it?

I can take a look this afternoon. Send me info via message.

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My app has also become very slow. I had one person fill in a form today that has maybe 5 fields. After hitting submit, his screen went blank and he lost all of his changes. I’ve had other users tell me it’s too slow and that they’ve had to click buttons multiple times before the app recognized the click. If I don’t get resolved soon I will need to move to another platform.

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Adalo needs to resolve this ASAP. Apps are VERY SLOW. I am a partner in an agency and we are migrating our clients to another platform. Adalo is amazing, but for projects like a simple delivery with 500 users, it’s not a danso account. If Adalo didn’t do anything else and focus on that it would be great. I believe the database sharing is being affected.


I’m in Nigeria, I’ve read that Adalo apps are slow… Please how true is it because it’s really discouraging. I’m relatively new to IT development tho, will my location also make my app slower??

I’m in Nigeria, I’ve read that Adalo apps are slow… Please how true is it because it’s really discouraging. I’m relatively new to IT development tho, will my location also make my app slower??

Hi @Presh

Location has an impact. See below example of the response times for one of my web apps worldwide:

Your can test this yourself here: Performance Test - Check URL Speed From 10 Global Locations | KeyCDN Tools

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Can u pls explain this to me