App to accept orders

I have created a food ordering app but I want to be able to send the order to the appropriate food establishment. I would like to have establishment sign in an app to see the orders or send the order by email to the particular establishment. Can anyone give me an ideas or examples I can follow.

Hi @terryelk and welcome to the community!

If you had searched on Youtube, you would have found a solution :wink:

There’s a Youtube video on how to build a Uber Eats clone using Adalo. That should cover most of the features that you need, including the establishments receiving the orders.

Well I did see that video on Youtube but I apologize for not being clear. What I am looking at is on the side of the business establishment. e.g. I created the order to send to xyz food business but how does xyz food business see what I ordered. So I want an idea how I can get that order to xyz food business. I was thinking by email or by using another app for the business to log in and see those orders. So I am looking for an example or guidance.

Hi @terryelk ,

At business homepage, have custom list that is auto refresh, so whenever order that is linked to business created, it will show up there.

You can combine with push notification so business is aware and go to the app.

Are there any examples of your solution that I can follow?

As of now, no templates regarding this, and my client apps are private, so best you can do is to follow the descriptions above and ask what is not clear.

Ok thanks…I shared the database from the order app to what i called the vendor app. There is a relationship before the food business and the logged in user… But I am not able to see the orders.

You should have order header that is linked to logged in user as customer and order detail that is linked to order header and product and store quantity, price etc.

I am having an issue that I cannot understand. I have the order collection and food business collection with a relationship on email. So to get the particular order from a particular business, I have a list with all orders and a filter of status is paid AND the username of the business (email address) equal to the email address of the food business. Both of them being the same and yet I am getting orders from another another food business. Any thoughts? How can I debug in adalo? I would like to see what is being passed in at each stage.

This post could probably shed some light for you,

See the image and I still seeing all the orders instead of the filtered by truck name. I am not sure what is the issue unless I am not understanding the collection relationship

You are saying the Food Truck name is equal to the Logged in user’s name. That isn’t correct. I don’t know how your database is set up but if you are trying to use a relationship so the user can see the orders for their own business I’d expect to see something like current order > Food Truck > name is equal to Logged in User > Food Truck > name,

I’m also doing a food ordering app but i¡m sending the order to Square POS via custom action.

my problem is this:
my database has 2 collections:

  1. carts: a collection of line items (all the line-items of that order), e.g. 2 strawberry juices, 1 pizza margarita and 1 coke)
  2. line-items: Strawberry juice, pizza.

Problem: I cannot send the specific info of each cart’s line item to the custom action. how can I send in a scalable way each line-item’s information via custom action?

Hi @axme ,
Let me get this straight, you want to group all items of the order and send to POS or you want to send each line individually to the POS? Does the POS need to receive each item individually to process an invoice and calculate a total? Is that it?

I want to send all line items of the order to the POS.

I’m already grouping them on Adalo (all line items are part of a Cart collection).<

thank you for offering your help

Check this out @axme @knight made this component, it might be what you’re looking for.

thanks Mario! That might work (although not a perfect solution as it will look weird when the restaurant sees the strings in CSV format at their POS).

@knight So the listify component basically exports the list, can it export a list with a filter? E.g. Current cart’s > lIne items ?

thank you

Use the functionality but hide the component. I’m not quite sure exactly how you’d set it up in your case but this component should be able to create the string that you send as line items.

if your list has filter, the export string ( be it CSV or JSON ) will be the filtered list content

I still have my issue with the relationship. any business can see all the orders and not the orders for his particular business,Any help would be appreciated