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Hi Community,

two days ago I learned about Adalo and since then I am trying to figure out if my idea is doable in Adalo.

I want to create a Survey App, where the users can create surveys.

Especially for a fixed group of people. I already watched the video about different user roles and the way to implement that - that looks great. But I can’t figure out any action for the user to “create a question”.

Basically a button (named: “Start Survey”) has to have the action to start the first question, which kind of question and which type of answer (open, closed, numerically, text…). I think its not possible?

If it is possible can anyone send me a link to a tutorial or explanation?

Thanks a lot,

Hi, i think is possible with Adalo to build a Survey App and even nicely. You could create a collection of Questions, each related to a Category (many to many categories - questions) and then print them all in a page with results. If an user wants to create a new Survey by filling a form, you should set up also the relationship user - questions in order to make the survey avaiable only if Logged in User- is different from the creator of the survey.
Hope that helped, you could watch also some basic tutorials very well made

Hi Eugen, thank you very much for your fast reply! :heart_eyes:
I will look into it and try to understand your proposed solution!

Thanks a lot,

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You are welcome, for more basic stuff I haven’t much time to explain but once you will be a bit more “into Adalo” i will be glad to help. Patience and experience is the key and Adalo has a blazing fast learning curve. A Survey App should be kind of easy to build :slightly_smiling_face::wink:

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I hope you are right! ;D It’s good to hear, that you think it’s possible. Then I am more than willing to invest the time to see if it’s possible for me ;D

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Nice to hear ! I will start giving you a tip : once you set up relationship between answers and questions (many to one), give them a numerical property (Points).
Will be easier for you to give the correct results for each user by choosing from numbers, much more than words :wink:

Try making some basic stuff with adalo, follow youtube tutorials and after a little while, you’ll do it fairly easily, and yes it’s doable

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