Help with Daily Survey App

Hi Folks
I am new to Adalo and trying to create a PoC for an app where a teacher creates a survey with multiple questions and assigns it to a student. The student will then go in an answer the same questions with different answers (think numbers) once everyday. I have watched many videos and tutorials and have come to a point where I can create ‘surveys’ and assign ‘survey items’ to ‘surveys’, and assign them to ‘students’.

I can then see all surveys and their survey items as both teacher and student. A student can now login and see surveys assigned to them.

What I now want to do and need your help with, is:

  1. Let a student answer the assigned surveys once each day and save the responses in the database. A student will be answering the same survey everyday until the teacher marks it complete. I want the responses to be saved in the database and be able to see the responses anytime once the survey is submitted.

  2. The teacher should be able to see the student’s responses for each day sorted by date. (or in the future maybe see a chart with the student’s progress over time. all responses will be ratings/numbers, lets say 0 to 5)

I have created multiple collections:

Surveys [these are the surveys/forms]
Survey Items [these are the items on each survey]
Survey Responses [these are the responses for each survey]
Survey Item Responses [these are the responses to items/questions on each survey]
Survey Type [has details about max and min values for a response and assigned to a survey]

I am getting stuck with how I should modify the collections/database/relationship so that I can accomplish #1 up there. I think I’ll be able to figure out the solution to #2 once I figure out #1.

Any help or guidance will be appreciated.