App User Update Card Details in Stripe

Hello! Does anyone successfully implemented the function wherein the user can update his/her current card details in Stripe using custom action?
I used Postman and successfully retrieved a certain account. However, on the Update A Card documentation tab, the parameter of the user’s card number (16-digit) was not listed. Only the last four digits of the card are shown on the response.
I want the user to have the ability to update card details, ccv, and exp date
I’ll appreciate any help that will be shared. Thank you!

did you find the solution?
im facing the same issue

I believe you can try using Stripe’s Web interface for that (I think it is called “Customer Portal” and could be found in Settings).
Sending card number in an API request from Adalo is not a good practice in my opinion.


Hello! Using the Stripe’s web interface as @Victor has mentioned is much better than using an API request to send the card number.

Thank you!