Payment API for users that dont have stripe in their country

I was building an app on adalo and i am almost done. my only problem is making a payment api integration using custome actions its confusing since i dont have a coding background can you please help me.
I am in egypt so stripe is not avialible here.

Hi @Mando77

There’re a lot of other posts in the forum about this. You should start by reading through those.

For reference, there are two parts of Adalo you need to understand:

  1. Custom Actions - API calls
  2. Custom Components - custom code (react native) embedded in Adalo

The reason there are so few payment providers is most require using their SDK, which requires building a custom component. If you aren’t a developer, this can be quite expensive, hence most people don’t do it.

My recommendation is to find a payment provider that accepts on API calls so you can rely on Custom Actions, which will be much easier for you to implement and there’s a lot of documentation available.

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yes, i wanna use the custome actions api calls but I dont know how. i did the authantication part and then i got stuck can you please post a video on how to do it step by step.
i am trying to used pay mob. Payment API Flow

From my quick research, here’s what I’d do (and to be honest, not entirely sure everything will work, but it should).

  1. Go through the auth process, save auth token
  2. Send user to the iframe webview - you can dynamically create the URL for the webview in Adalo. note, to accept credit cards you dont need an “api call”. The user has to use the portal.
  3. Setup somewhere to receive the transaction callback. This is probably easiest to build in integromat.
  4. Process callback information and enter it in Adalo.

I think everything above should work. you’ll need to find a way to get the user off the current web view page when they’re done with the process, but I’m sure you can figure something out!


Thank you. i will try that out.

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