APP view options (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)

I am currently using the Starter version of Adalo on a pay by month basis. At the top center of the developer screen I have 3 APPs showing.
Switcher shot

One is called Pstar and this is the first one I started building. This app doesn’t display options for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
without options

I have also been working on an APP called PPAER and this one does show optional views for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
with options

Can anyone tell me why one shows the screen options and the other doesn’t?


It’s because the first one is mobile only app or legacy mobile app and the second one is mobile, tablet & desktop app ( responsive app ).

If you want to convert the first one as second one you can view the first one in the editor and copy it!

And when copying it select the below highlighted app type.



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