Apple rejected my application


I was waiting for this moment and now it has come. About a year ago, I wrote on the forum that the photo selection window is shown in English, but my application is in Russian. I asked to fix it, but Adalo’s team did not do it. Now I got a rejection from Apple in publishing my app. Below you will find a comment from the Apple team:

Guideline 4.0 - Design

We noticed an issue in your app that contributes to a lower quality user experience than Apple users expect:

  • Some of the app’s UI elements were not fully localized.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app to address all instances of this type of issue.


For information on improving and enhancing your app:

Please see attached screenshot for details.

And what should I do now?

I’m writing my app in Spanish but I use my phone in English mode. I tested changing my iPhone to Spanish localized and I get that menu in Spanish. It seems that the person testing there ran your app localized in English. Could you appeal?

Now what I see as a problem is the image picker on a form. It has the Choose a Photo caption. For sure my app will get rejected too. I can not believe I’m paying a monthly fee and it will be all for nothing.

@Colin any work around about this? @Victor have you published an app in the App Store? How have you handle this issue? Thanks.

This is only in PWA
When you build your app it will be on English only

Huge problem! I’ve wasted 2 months of my life!!! I guess I’ll have to look for another platform. :grimacing:

@oper2k any news about this?


Apple just rejected app

@pford could you please confirm that Adalo doesn’t support language localization when the add picture dialog comes up? This is crucial for the app @oper2k developed and the one I’m developing. Thanks.

I was asking if any news from Adalo about this. I just stopped development until I get a solid answer. Thanks and I’m truly sorry about your situation. I understand your frustration. :unamused:

I’m currently checking on this!


Thanks. You’re the man! :+1:

I wish I had better news but unfortunately, that’s the way it is at the moment and it appears rejection from Apple is based purely on who reviews your app. This is something we would like to fix soon, but it will be a larger localization project perhaps so I don’t have a timeline on if/when it will be fixed. One workaround is to build the form from scratch, and use the image upload component instead!


As you can see I use the Image picker component. It’s not a form or file picker :frowning:

Oh goodness I see that now - sorry I was looking at the other image. Did you also change your language on the phone?

Yes my interface in iPhone on the Russian language. When I launch PWA version it is all on Russian language (date picker, file picker, image picker)
But when I build native version all pickers are on English :sob::sob:

@oper2k have you seen this? I still haven’t set up my Apple Developer account. I’m waiting on my DUNS number. Check it out and please keep me posted if possible. Thanks.

It’s not what we discuss here

I can confirm this is an issue. I created a built and changed my preferred language to Spanish on my iPhone and when selecting a photo/pic it will display in English. @pford @oper2k

I know there are several users from other countries that have built in their native language. How have they dealt with this issue when submitting an app for review? Thanks.

So I figured all of it out, and this was a good learning lesson for me… RULE 1!!! DONT OVER THINK THE QUESTION… and that is exactly what I did… Going through most if not all the issues Apple brought up, I realized it was all METADATA, so it had NOTHING to do with my app, it was all the set up within Apple Connect… So when I fixed all those issues, the app passed… Just a word of advice for others… Fix the stuff on the app store first before ripping your app apart to please apple


Pardon my ignorance @joelnest but in this case what do you mean by metada. Congratulations on getting published! Awesome.

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I found out that when apple is talking about Metadata in the review portion they are specifically talking about all the text or fields in the “App Store Connect” not your app itself, I wish I knew that before