Language settings in the AppStore

I just released the app I created with adalo on the AppStore.
It’s an app for Japan and the country of distribution is Japan only, but the language setting is set to English.
(e.g., if you get the wrong password or upload a photo, you’ll get warnings and instructions in English.)

This issue is a bit awkward because it is expected that the target audience of the app will not be good at English.

Is there a way to solve the problem?

Hey Kota,
Have you found some way to de-activate the system language mesages settings ?
…or you still can’t avoid the default english msg ?

Hey @kota and @bibipac the native messages for permissions and camera settings should be in default language of their iPhone or android device.

In terms of uploading are you talking about the “required” warnings? You should be able to change that on your form in the “Required Error Text”.

In terms of Forgot password text. We have a development story to allow you to change that. So unfortunately you can’t change that yet.

Hi David,
Yes ! that is the one that would offer a smoother operating with users : Forgotten PW , etc… so that s the “system msg” that I would mostly be looking for to localize…

Yea. We definitely need to get to that. Here’s a link to upvote it! (best i can do at the moment. sorry about that)