Apple review => Legal - Privacy - Data Collection and Storage

Hello everybody,

I submitted my application to Apple.

They refuse me my application for the photo part of the app.

Indeed, I allow my users to choose a photo in their camera or create one with their phone

Here’s the review :

Guideline 5.1.1 - Legal - Privacy - Data Collection and Storage

We noticed that your app requests the user’s consent to access the camera and photos, but doesn’t sufficiently explain the use of the camera and photos in the purpose string.

To help users make informed decisions about how their data is used, all permission request alerts need to specify how your app will use the requested information.

Next Steps

Please revise the relevant purpose string in your app’s Info.plist file to specify why your app needs access to the user’s camera and photos. Make sure the purpose string includes an example of how the user’s data will be used.

You can modify your app’s Info.plist file using the property list editor in Xcode.

How to find a solution ?

Because, I never access app’s Info.phlist file

Hi Ivan,

They rejected your application because you didn’t explain the use of the camera when your users are taking photos.

You could fix this by going to the Adalo Editor > Publish Tab > iOS App > Update Settings > Click NEXT > EXPLAIN in detail why your users need the camera to take photos.


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