Apple TestFlight build failed - Fastlane error 409


Building the Testflight app keeps failing. After launching a build on the GUI, the error that keeps coming is the following :

:arrow_right: General message : exec error: Error: fastlane exited with error code 1 (signal: null)

:arrow_right: Log detail 1 (stdout): An error occurred while verifying your certificates and profiles with the Apple Developer Portal. If you already have your certificates stored in git, you can run fastlane match in readonly mode to just install the certificates and profiles without accessing the Dev Portal. To do so, just pass readonly: true to your match call.

:arrow_right: Log detail 2 (stdout):
{“errors” : [ {
“id” : “xxxxx-yyyyy-zzzzz-tttttt-aaaaaaaaa”,
“status” : “409”,
“code” : “ENTITY_ERROR”,
“title” : “There is a problem with the request entity”,
“resultCode” : 35,
“detail” : “There are no current IOS devices on this team matching the provided device IDs.”
} ]}

:arrow_right: Final message :
exec error: Error: fastlane exited with error code 1 (signal: null)
ERROR: Error during fastlane build: Error: fastlane exited with error code 1 (signal: null)
at exec (/Users/administrator/Code/packager/scripts/lib/exec.js:124:13)
at runMicrotasks ()
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)
at async Script.execScript (/Users/administrator/Code/packager/shared/scriptLogging.js:50:22)
at async /Users/administrator/Code/packager/shared/scriptLogging.js:142:12
at async runFastlane (/Users/administrator/Code/packager/ios/buildIos.js:678:5)
at async buildIos (/Users/administrator/Code/packager/ios/buildIos.js:911:3)
at async Queue. (/Users/administrator/Code/packager/ios/ios.js:114:9)
No build log found in null

Plus: On the Apple Device Lists (Sign In - Apple), I see a “Adalo Test Device” has been immediately set “ineligible for 14 days”. I’m not able to remove it or whatsoever.

Hard to tell where something went wrong. Anyone had the same issue ? The support is not very helpful yet.
Paying for something that does not work is not very pleasant. :no_mouth:

Many thanks for your help !

Hi @mpp,

I would advice to submit a support ticket for this: Submit a Support Ticket


And seems you’re not alone: Testflight build not working

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