Appointment App Calendar

I am making an appointment app. I was wondering if anyone knows a way or if it’s possible to connect a calendar API or use the standard date component to book an appointment but that won’t overlap the appointments. I tried Zapier but Calendly has to be the trigger which won’t work.

curious on this also!

Hmm… I’m not sure about this at the moment.

Either you could have the user submit a request to that other user and then they could either accept or reject that request or you could have them add their own Calendly links to that persons profile and then using a webview or external link to show that person’s calendar.

Not sure any other way inside of Adalo to do that right now.

Thank you for your help! I think I will go with the Calendly route that way the other user doesn’t have to accept or reject request makes it easier. I know you guys are busy with the roadmap but I was wondering if there was an eta on the rating system as I would like to integrate it with my appointment app. I can always just sick to using number rating just wondering on an eta.

The rating component is coming with the component marketplace. (I caught a glimpse of it getting worked on so it’s definitely coming soon!) My best guess right now is that the marketplace will be out in about a month.

In the mean time you could build a rating component with Change Visibility rules. So you create all of the different buttons and then you group one row and have sometimes visible if Star is equal to 4 (or in the screenshot Tip is equal to 10%, 15%, etc.)

Awesome that is great news! I’m sure everyone is excited for that. I will build it out with the Visibility rules.