Connecting Adalo Calendar Component to Other Calendars

Hi everyone-

I am building a platform to connect coaches with clients. I want to be able to have my coaches connect their calendars to our platform and have their availability automatically update based on their unavailable times on their Non-Adalo calendar. Ideally, this would connect directly to their Google calendar but we could also connect it to their Calendly and I want them to have the option to manually input unavailable times directly into the Adalo calendar.

Right now we are using a 3rd party software called Setmore and are having coaches connect their calendars on there and then using web view to display to clients.

I see that there is a calendar component now in the marketplace. Can anyone help with understanding where I would start with this?

Appreciate the help in advance!

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It wonā€™t connect with google calendar since there is not 3rd party auth on that just yet. I believe there is a calendly integration with zapier and using custom actions/webhook you may be able to connect those two and update in Adalo.

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