Assign Default Numbers In Horizontal Chip List

I have a horizontal chip List of numbers that a user can create and automatically gets applied to a specific item. That user also has the ability make any number they create a default number, when I tried doing this, it allows the user to create multiple default numbers. What I need is for when the user assigns a number as default, what ever number that was previous is no longer a default number automatically. in other words I only want one default number. Also i need this to be displayed in the same horizonal chip list as the non default numbers are. The orange boarder around the number indicates default

Thank you!

Add a new true/false property to the collection called “Default?” and add a click action on the list that “Updates Current Percentage” (or whatever your collection is called) and set Default? as true.

From there you can customise your experience with filters and visibility rules via the true/false switch.

Pretty sure that should do the trick?

I did try that, however upon making current selected number default =true any number that was previously default is still marked as default =t true. When a new number is made default = true any prior default number must be marked as default = false. That’s the issue I’m having is updating the rest of the list to false when one item in the list is marked as true. I only want a maximum of one default number

Not sure if this is the best way of doing this but I think you need two icons. A Normal one with a visibility condition and another icon as a list and a filter without a visibility condition.

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That takes care of part of it. By what the preview shows. Now, say, I create a list of numbers from 1-7 last number I created (7) gets made to default automatically like you show, later on I want to make number 5 default. How do I do that without creating a new number 5? Upon making number 5 default = true, how will it automatically make number 7 default = false?

To make this easier, this is a tip set up, this creates tip options the client can choose from, I’m building an POS app that has the user end and the back end on the same platform. If I want to change something on the user face on the go I can. That being said, given my current list of tip options, I want to change my default without creating a new option by simply clicking on the number pops up a module screen asking if I want to make default or delete. When I press make default it makes that selected tip option default and any prior number that’s was default (if any) not default. I would also like to keep numbers in order regardless of which is default.

I apologize for the repetition of what I’m looking for.