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Hello - I’m trying to set up an Audio Player for a driving tour. I’ve set everything up and it plays well but I would like to know if there is any way to have the player autoplay all the tracks so that the person listening doesn’t have to select the track to play everytime. has anyone done this before? also is there a way of changing the time stamp colour - I would like this to be white but I can’t find the settings

Hello - Can someone please help me with this

In the audio player settings there is an option for autoplay.

yes but this doesn’t auto play to the rest of the songs in the list - this is going to be an audio driving tour and I would like this to play through the tracks without having the users input as they will be driving. also, I asked about the time stamp colour, is there a way of changing this?

I’ve never tried this out but what you could do is when the Song is done playing you link to another screen and then play the next song and over and over.

Unfortunately, this is the only workaround for now if I’m not wrong.

okay? and what about the time stamp? is there a way of using the outer buttons that come with the Audio player to skip to the next track

I don’t think the outer buttons are for skipping tracks because the Audio player is supposed to be for only one song.

well as it is promoted as a podcast app in the function kits im not sure one track would be enough - also what about the time stamp colour

The time stamp color can’t be change dynamically.

i have been working on this app for a long time now and not once have i seen how to do this.

@James_App_Maker can you please explain how to do this.

Sorry I don’t think you could customize the time stamp color but there is other customization options for the player button and the other things in the audio player.

then why did you say i could customise it? ive asked you 3 times about the time stamp colour and now your saying i cant do anything about it?

Yeah in the beginning I thought you could but now I realized you can’t. We all make mistakes.

I understand that people make mistakes but I’ve been waiting a while for an answer to these questions and so far nothing has been helpful - your workaround would not work as this is a 7 part driving tour and having extra screens for each part will overload this app and make it pretty much impossible to control the listening time, speed and the set up i have to display a “finished” tick when the user has listened to the track all the way through. thanks for your time. ill see what i can do to get this working myself.

Your welcome and Good Luck!

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