In adalo audio player component, I am unable to change the Timer numbers(00:00) colors/style( it is black by default)

In the adalo audio player component, there is an option to customise color of every element, except the timing numbers(00:00) they are black by default and I am unable to change the color/style. how do i change the color, I have tried everything. Kindly help.

Hi @chocovids,

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Currently as far as I’m aware not possible , unfortunately. You can vote here : Change audio player time colour | Voters | Adalo

Thank you

ok, as I can see people have been requesting this since 2020, if it hasnt been done in 3 years, not sure it would happen anythime soon. what other options do we have to change the color?, if we hire a developer(at adalo) could it be done?

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