Audio player not playing from url in android app

Hello everyone, i recently finished my first app and currently testing before i upload to the android play store.

My client has a live online radio via so i go an embed link and i put in the audio player component. When i preview from the builder or from the share link, the audio player plays the live radio sessions. But after i did my android build and installed the app on my phone, its not playing. What could be the issue? below is the shareable link to view the app.

I need help with this as the app is to go live by the end of the month and this is the only delay i am facing.

Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas.


Hello everyone, so i noticed that the audio player is playing on other android devices apart from samsung phones, and its playing perfectly in the preview. Any thoughts on what could be the issue?

Hello everyone pls i really need help with this issue

@oloks Try reinstalling the app and downloading it again. Happy New Year!

Done that and i am still having the same issue. Even did a new android build. Is there a way to reach out to the team at adalo to know what the problem could be?

@oloks To reach the Adalo Team submit a support ticket at:

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