Audio Player not working with SoundCloud URL

Has anyone had luck getting the audio player to work with SoundCloud?

If yes…is there a trick to getting the URL to play the audio?

If no…is there a better hosting site for private audios?

You can use the internal Adalo database for hosting the audio files. You can see an example from a tutorial video I created here: UPDATED! Continuous Audio Player using Adalo - YouTube

I haven’t tried to integrate with Soundcloud. I’m actually kinda surprised that no one has asked me about it. :thinking:

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90% of our app will be audio files (hundreds of them) so I was thinking I needed external hosting. Can Adalo support this level of audios or would an external hosting site be better?

Yeah, just whenever you have your list of audio files on the screens, make sure the “Load items as user scrolls” option is enabled in the advanced settings of the list.

Thanks so much. I appreciate your help and knowledge and subscribed to your YouTube channel as well.

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